Monday, October 13, 2008

NYTimes Lighting Design Article

It's a bit late, as this was published in May, but check out this article.

Joe Levasseur, a great NYC designer, Bessie winner and all-around good guy, is quoted at the end.

Another Blog

While searching interwebbily for a picture of an old Strand lighting console I came across at the Kitchen the other day, I stumbled upon this blog, by lighting designer Clifton Taylor. It's very informative and full of lighting design nerdery, like how to create a REM DIM macro.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Skills not taught in school

I blogged about this a while back on MySpace, but the list has grown since then. These are things that every theatre technician should know before setting out into the world of the performing arts:

1. How to clean up fake and/or real blood, human or non, from a variety of surfaces, including but not limited to marley, RP screens, costumes, and masonite.

2. How, tactfully, to ask whether or not your wireless mics will be rubbed against a naked vagina.

3. How to mediate a physical fight between actors, two of whom are wearing girdles, one of whom has his balls hanging out of said girdle.

4. How to zip a sweaty naked dancer into a broken fried chicken costume.

5. What the laws are regarding dripping, raw meat on stage.

6. The tenacity of Pepto Bismol.

7. How to use prosthetic adhesive to stop boob slippage.

8. How old is that Genie, and how many times has it tipped over, and/or killed/maimed someone? Use the Genie accordingly.

9. How to clean up horse shit, month-old beer spills, and smushed candy from a stage floor.

10. How to keep sane while hanging a light next to a blaring speaker.

11. How to keep a straight face while someone uses a wireless mic that was once rubbed against a naked vagina.

12. How best to hold onto the grid while your Genie is tipping over.

13. How good is your ventilation system? Use hazers/foggers accordingly.

14. How to keep your cool when the fire marshal shows up with four fully-geared firemen for a simple routine inspection.

15. How to explain to drunken non-English speakers where the bathroom is.


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The Genie Police:

Max Weight 300 Lbs

Max Weight 300 Lbs

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