Friday, April 23, 2010

Tech-Related News

Shure no longer repairs its old wireless mics, even though they CAN operate at an FCC-approved range. They also, oddly, backed the legislation (more money for them? New wireless mics with receivers can be $4,000 each.

There will be a Costume Symposium at NC School of the Arts in August (which, by the way, consistently cranks out some really talented technicians and designers). The focus of the event will be wig making and styling.

In the realm of awesome-looking European things that we will never have stateside, Frankfurt just hosted an event called "Luminale", with over 150 lighting installations, with a focus on eco-friendly low-energy lighting.

The ETCP technical certification exams will take place in June in Las Vegas. Register by May 7th, or wait till LDI in October. In related news, why the eff don't these conventions EVER come to NYC, which is pretty much the birthplace of American theatre?

At USITT this year, there was a special 50th anniversary exhibition on the history of lighting consoles.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Grad School

In the Fall, I will be embarking on a new adventure: grad school.

I will be sad to leave NYC and to leave my full-time, kick-ass job with really great co-workers, but I am excited to begin the learning process all over again at Yale Drama, where I have been accepted into the Technical Design and Production department. I'll be focusing on technical direction, and learning all sorts of crazy awesome things from professors like John Huntington, Don Harvey, and Ben Sammler.

It's been a long time since I've been in classes, and I've never had the luxury of JUST going to school- I had a full-time job nearly the entire time I was in undergrad- so I'm looking forward to focusing on my training for the next 3 years.

The things I'm most excited for are the stage machinery/rigging and projection design courses. They all look really bad-ass. I'm also hoping to sneak my way into some playwriting stuff during my time there as well, as I am really into the creation of a production as a whole...and the fusion of production with playmaking, as seen in Big Art Group, Superamas, The Wooster Group, Radiohole, etc...
I'm also happy that I'll get a chance to learn more about sound design, as I am terrible at EQing and such...

I'm hoping to keep up this blog while I am at Yale- I'll have to check with the department to see how much information is okay to post-

It appears as though the work I'll be doing will be a lot safer and more regulated than what I am accustomed to- which is a welcome relief. Hard hats, harnesses, goggles, etc. I'm down with all of that in my old age.

But I will say- if you haven't checked out Yale, do. They have an amazing program, and their financial aid is effing incredible. Seriously.

And, to de-mystify the process of applying and interviewing for grad school in production- if anyone out there is reading and like me, could use the advice of someone who's been there: of course be prepared, be on time, etc. etc. But also- show them your personality, be honest, be as confident as you possibly can be. Honestly, I was a stuttering wreck through my whole interview with the dean. But apparently something I did worked.


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