Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holy hell, batman!

So here I am, at 5am the last day of first semester here at YSD.

I survived- barely. I had a great time, made lots of friends, and nearly had a mental breakdown during finals week.

So here's what's awesome:

-My classmates. It's gonna sound cheesy, but I fucking LOVE my classmates, and they are amazing people, and we have all gone through what feels like an epic battle together. The people here are generally incredible and awe-inspiring. So that's rad.

-Structural Design for the Stage. This class, though I might be failing it (we'll see), is pretty effing amazing, and taught with gusto. I had not taken a math class in ten years prior to this, and I'm still able to follow it for the most part. Not because its easy, but because it's just so well-taught.

-The Rep. Yale Repertory Theatre is one of the coolest buildings I've ever worked in. Not because there aren't dangerous beams at nose height in the grid, but because when you're in the grid, you are surrounded by all this crazy church architecture. Pretty sweet.

-I've probably learned more in one semester here than I did in all of undergrad. It's intense, but I feel like I'm getting a lot out of it, which is great. I came in never having opened AutoCAD, and have now drafted nearly an entire set. It may not be *great* drafting, but I'm doing it. I can tell you how much a 5/4 pine stick of any width can safely span with almost any variety of loading condition. I can accurately mill steel to a thousandth of an inch (well, on a good day).

Here's what's been difficult:

-Not having time to cook a single meal for myself all semester.

-Spending too much money on fast-food type places because I have no time to cook.

-Pulling two to three all-nighters a week and still not getting caught up.

-Production assignment during finals week.

-Not being able to leave New Haven, even for half a day, ever.

-Chicken pillow.


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