Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hatred # 832:

Par Can Retainer Rings:


What is it? It's a metal doohickey that holds the Par lamp in place.

Why does it blow? Because it's always too damn tight, often rusted in place, and makes life difficult when trying to focus.

Retainer rings, you are ON NOTICE.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Because You Said MacBeth

This site linked to mine, and now I return the favor. Theater Jones is a website with theatre blogs, reviews, and stories. Check it out!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

craigslist and freelancing

Freelancing can be a bitch. I've done it quite a bit myself, and have been screwed over by a number of production companies. For the newbies- if you have a bad feeling about a company, demand 1/2 payment up front, and always send an invoice. Keep track of whom you've worked for, and how long it has taken to receive a paycheck. Harass any company that takes longer than a month, and never give up when somebody owes you. I've pestered some places for as long as five months for payment. Persistence is key.

On that note, there's a bunch of posts this week on New York City craigslist this week about places not to work for. They are mostly film production companies. Please note that I have no experience with any of the following, and don't shoot the messenger. This list includes names of places and people, and the poster's complaint against them.

Exile Ramirez (never paid poster)
Kreative Film Empire (never paid, bad working environment)
Peppermill Films (didn't pay total invoice)
Jackson Stone Media (didn't pay)
Wall Street Webcasting (unspecified)
Joey Vegas/Jeff Goldstein (low pay, bad treatment)
Team Omni (didn't pay, bad working environment)
Guardian Entertainment (vague complaint about manager)
Vid Arroyo (didn't pay)
Taxi Cab Productions (unspecified)
Real Savvy Media (low pay, inexperienced supervisors)
Animal Fair Magazine/ (unspecified)
Wendy's Diamonds (didn't pay)
Paris Multimedia (didn't pay)
Sonia Manzano (didn't pay)
Drop Squad Productions (didn't pay)
Nexpert News (didn't pay)
Tony Burton - (didn't pay after 6 months)
Jeff Jones - (pays too low and then tries to go back on his word_
Sasha Chesterton - (actually beat up an AD who tried to get blocking rehearsals)
Ian Moore and Matt Farneworth. (Didn't pay an entire Grip and Electric Crew.)
Creative Entertainment Group, who also go by the name Producers Advantage (don't pay)
Nick Knonopka, Mori Design. (didn't pay)
Morgan Dees of the Bronx (abuses his crew)
Splendor Video (Total deadbeats)
Crue Call staffing (bounced checks)
Ironbound Films (didn't pay)

In the interest of fairness, if you are on this list and feel you should not be, you're welcome to post explanations or defenses in the comments section.

Also, if you know of more shitty places to work, leave a comment!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


How many times does this have to happen before someone realizes that using a real gun onstage is fucking stupid?
The above picture shows a prop gun. With blanks. Pretty damn real-looking, no? So why use the real deal?

Also, how does someone agree to have a real gun pointed at them on stage?
Here's how that conversation would go with me:

Director: So here's your prop gun. It's real, so be careful. Oh, also, there are fucking bullets in it. Yes, that's right- I'm a fucktard. By the way, here's Tom, the pimply teenager who'll be aiming this at your fucking face.

Me: "......." (silently turning, walking to door, leaving, never coming back)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama and the Arts

Click here to sign a probably-not-very-effective petition for Obama to create a "Secretary of the Arts" position in his Cabinet.



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