Sunday, November 23, 2008

Whale Wars

Anybody seen Whale Wars on Animal Planet? The show (basically) about pirates and dorks?


Does this dude, Peter Hammarstedt, not look like every nerdy techie you've ever worked with?

Columbus Circle

I'm usually no big fan of holiday displays, having worked in a window display shop until my sanity could handle it no more (about eight weeks). However, the other day, while braving the crowds to buy some veggies at Whole Foods, I was stopped in my tracks by these:


These giant star-shaped lights are hanging from the ceiling inside the "Shops at Columbus Circle". They pulsate, glitter, change color, and practically made me wet myself with Christmas wonder. This picture doesn't do them justice. Big props to whomever created these wonderful, if corporate, ornaments.

Hatred #392:

Running over my own toes with one of these:



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The Genie Police:

Max Weight 300 Lbs

Max Weight 300 Lbs

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