Monday, July 28, 2008

Incident of the Week


A friend told me a story not too long ago about a very, shall we say, "portly" man who had to hang some Source Fours from a Genie- we'll call this man "Albert Einstein".
This 300-pound nuclear physicist (mind you, the Genie was rated for no more than 300) decided that rather than go up and down to get instruments, or haul them up on a rope from the grid, he would side-arm all of them to his basket. Not surprisingly, when he finished attaching all ten units and hopped in, the Genie would not move. It was at this point that he had the brillz idea to jump, thus allowing the Genie to ascend a little bit with each moment that he became air-borne. Einstein made it nearly all the way up to the grid doing this, but his lift tipped over quickly, and he found himself leaning, with his side-arms stuck into the wall.
Said genius then pulled himself back to a vertical position, and continued his shift as though nothing had happened.

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The Genie Police:

Max Weight 300 Lbs

Max Weight 300 Lbs

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