Saturday, August 2, 2008

Artist's Insurance

Okay, so. Even if you're a carpenter, an electrician or a seamstress, you're probably also working on the creative aspects of things, right? And chances are you're freelancing or working some job with no benefits other than the sigh of satisfaction after an annoying co-worker is proven wrong about something or leaves for the day.

If you're an artist and have no health insurance, here are a couple of options:

Fractured Atlas- Plans from $128.14/mo to $338.81/mo, individual. The more expensive plans include dental/vision care.

Freelancer's Union- Plans from $130.37/mo to $382.63/mo for an individual. Optional dental and vision cost extra.

Healthy NY-Does not provide support for mental health issues like ADD or depression. Does not cover dental or vision.

At a later date, I'll update this list and provide some pros and cons of joining each group, but for now, I'm having a lazy Saturday. Thanks for reading!


Roxie said...

Thanks for posting that Karen! I was hesitant to try out the Freelancer's Union insurance just because no one else I knew had ever heard of it. Thankfully I have some insurance at the moment (for which I give my soul, daily) but it's good to know that there are some options out there!

Karen said...

Yeah, I'm not particularly on-board with the FU, because their program seems difficult to apply for (six month's worth of pay-stubs!) and they don't really have a theatre job board to take advantage of. I'm thinking of doing the Fractured Atlas though, once work picks up again.


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