Thursday, October 30, 2008

Making Bad Lighting Work

Every so often, in my technical career, I'm asked to deal with shitty lights. It happens. It just so happens that this week, it's track lighting. I can't describe the emotional issues I have with track lighting, but they begin with the fact that you can't put each light on a separate channel. That, and most track lights are expensive and look like hell. The hot spot is up at the top, the units themselves get unbearably hot after about 30 seconds, and they break when you sneeze. To work with track lighting for a day is to feel pain. At some point, the part of you that wanted to make the whole thing look nice succumbs to the part of you that has a raging, aneurysm-style headache.

And then you can design comfortably. So, in closing, if you can just skip that whole "I want this to look great" phase, you'll have an all-right day.

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