Monday, November 17, 2008

dumb phrases

A co-worker of mine absolutely loathes the term "courtesy tab". If you don't know, this is a fold you put on a piece of gaff tape so that whoever might strike it later can easily peel it up. This guy's beef is with the fact that there has to be a term for this thing at all. Why not say simply, "tab the tape", or some such?

Which got me thinking of theatre terminology that I hate, which includes the following:

Dimmer Beach (the title of one of my posts below). This is one of those phrases used mostly by really nerdy technicians who think it makes the dimmer room sound cool, when actually it's a mess of gross cables and despair.

Nope. That's pretty much it. Just "dimmer beach". Maybe because the first person I heard utter it had a gross scraggly ponytail and a penchant for message t-shirts.

1 comment:

Hillary said...

I prefer the "fuk tab"... if you don't tab the tape, you're fuked.


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