Thursday, November 6, 2008

Production Internship, NYC!

Click here for an opportunity to work with yours truly! That's right, it's a technical theatre internship (catch that, Google?) Also known as a "production internship", or "serfdom".

Benefits include:

-Lessons in mopping, tying knots, and eating on the fly

-Your own personal headset for shows(!)

-A sense of deep shame at the end of a day (depending on amount of bodily fluids on stage)

-Knowledge of all types of oldschool equipment, including but not limited to: Altmans, Selecon zooms, overhead projectors (remember those?), 40mm projectors (and those?), "CD players", and UpRight lift (circa 1988).

But seriously, it'll be cool and whatnot. You'll work with a great variety of people, make a lot of new friends, and gain valuable contacts to start your career.

There. So if you're a theatre grad with a bit of tech experience, apply.

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