Sunday, November 23, 2008

Whale Wars

Anybody seen Whale Wars on Animal Planet? The show (basically) about pirates and dorks?


Does this dude, Peter Hammarstedt, not look like every nerdy techie you've ever worked with?


Anonymous said...

A: Yea, he kinda does look like every nerdy-techie guy out there, but he's still really cute. X3 funny thing is, he looks kinda like my first boyfriend, and that was actually the reason I started watching the show in the first place. I just wanted to see him. lol but now I'm actually into it. It's a good show, and they're fighting for an awesome cause. Not many people do that anymore.... So WOOT!!! for the crew of the SeaSheperd!!! <3<3<3 Keep kickin' Ass!!! <3

and B: Whale wars isn't about pirates and dorks, it's about ass-hole, dumb-shit, all out FUCK-tard whalers killing off the whales out in the antarctic and the crew of the SeaSheperd trying to STOP THEM. like MORE PEOPLE SHOOOOUUULLLDDDD BE DOING!!!!!!! I mean do ppl WANT all the whales to die!? I don't get why there aren't more people out there trying to stop the frickin whalers..... (Can you tell I don't like whalers?lol...)

General Viagra said...

I haven't seen a whale wars. but I don't think that it would look like pirates and dorks.
Yes, He looks like average nerd.

buy sex toys said...

Little doubt, the dude is totally just.

Hot Tubs said...

This show is so humorous!


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