Friday, December 12, 2008

Freakin' Wybron

Wybron, as Stephen Colbert would say, you are ON NOTICE.

Wybron makes color scrollers. They like to deny that the power supply for their scrollers (aka "the brain"), can be defective, thus leading you to try at least 15 other time-consuming solutions, and keeping you on the phone for over an hour with the very patient and understanding ETC repair guy, whose product (despite having beer all up in its business) is NOT THE ONE FUCKING SHIT UP.


So folks, if you ever encounter an issue in which every time you hit any key on your express 250, all of your scrollers move, even though they have been working fine previously, don't call repair services until you have swapped out the brain. It's not "some weird ground loop", your board doesn't need repair, it's not the daisy-chained cxi, it's not the brand-new dmx.

Also on notice:
Scharff-Weissberg (for packing all heavy rental gear on top of light rental gear)
Selecon (for its falling-apart zooms)
KL Productions (for its 22-hour, one-break shifts)
NYC Fire Department (for always showing up at 8:05 for an inspection)

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