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"Almost all wireless mics operate on the same frequencies as TV stations. The TV stations are licensed by the FCC and are running at very high power levels. Virtually all wireless mics are not licensed, and must accept any interference they get from TV stations. For this reason, a wireless mic that works fine in one city, may not work in another." we knew that already...but what's below is what sucks


"As new stations go on the air, your wireless mic may become useless. It is important to understand this, because every TV station in the country is getting a new frequency for digital TV broadcasting. Only some of these new transmitters are on the air yet, but in the {future], they should all be on the air. Check with all your local TV stations to determine what new channels have been assigned to them for digital broadcasting, and when they expect to be on the air. Most manufacturers can switch your existing wireless mics to different frequencies if needed. It would be wise to determine today if your existing mics will have problems so you can get them changed at your leisure, and not in a panic after they fail."

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Trevy said...

In order to cover our operations costs my theatre rents out our roof space above the grid to 3 gsm cell phone providers...add to that the fact that we just had a new hi power county wide digital+analog police dispatch tower go up 2 blocks away and that our city has already converted to digital tv broadcast and you get an extremely small window of available channels for our wireless clear com and mics to live...


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