Friday, April 23, 2010

Tech-Related News

Shure no longer repairs its old wireless mics, even though they CAN operate at an FCC-approved range. They also, oddly, backed the legislation (more money for them? New wireless mics with receivers can be $4,000 each.

There will be a Costume Symposium at NC School of the Arts in August (which, by the way, consistently cranks out some really talented technicians and designers). The focus of the event will be wig making and styling.

In the realm of awesome-looking European things that we will never have stateside, Frankfurt just hosted an event called "Luminale", with over 150 lighting installations, with a focus on eco-friendly low-energy lighting.

The ETCP technical certification exams will take place in June in Las Vegas. Register by May 7th, or wait till LDI in October. In related news, why the eff don't these conventions EVER come to NYC, which is pretty much the birthplace of American theatre?

At USITT this year, there was a special 50th anniversary exhibition on the history of lighting consoles.


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