Monday, February 9, 2009

Light Boards

Hey all you readers out there! I need some advice on what type of lightboard to try for in our grant package at the theatre. I was wanting an Ion, but just heard some talk that it might not be so great. I would love an Obsession for its easy scroller and VL programming, but what boards do YOU love and why?



Trevy said...

My theatre just got the Ion this past fall and I have been very satisfied. What have you heard that makes you think it might not be right for you...?

Melissa said...

The Eos or Ion. The Eos is better suited for moving light fixtures while the Obsession isn't. But, keep in mind, the Eos has some kinks in it. My school needed to get a loaner and then eventually a new one (I think twice).

Ryan said...

I was extremely satisfied with the Obsession II that my college had. Its on the big side with lots of subs and other toys.

Everyone seems to be going to towards the Ion lately but I have yet to get time on one to speak intelligently about it.

Tristan Decker said...

The Ion's good. I'm used to state-consoles and the Ion's a tracking-console by default which takes some getting used to. The Congo Jr. is fun as well, but I think quite a bit more expensive (I don't know why, though.) ETC's software support is good. Find a bug, send it in, and they fix it. Haven't had a chance to use the Eos, but I will be using one this summer.

Hillary said...

The obsession II is amazingly sexy looking and programs like cheeze wiz on a philly cheese steak!!!

site said...

This can't succeed in reality, that is what I think.


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