Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Two Turntables and a Microphone

So I saw some article somewhere about this place called DubSpot, and was thinking it would be really fun to learn to mix records/DJ/whatever. It's not all that expensive if it actually delivers all it promises, and could be lucrative if one became proficient. Anyone have experience with a place like this?


On another note, a techie friend of mine has (perhaps jokingly?) decided to weather the economic crisis by moving out of the city and learning to shear sheep. Apparently there's dire need for good sheep shearers. Another techie friend of mine has been laid off. Far more of my techie friends are finding themselves desperate for freelance work, and some are collecting unemployment. What are YOUR plans to get through the Great Depression '09?


Trevy said...

I have a few pokers in the fire for some up coming jobs....but I will weather the storm for the most part by sticking with my house job...

Ryan said...

I am joining a cruise ship that puts me in the gulf of mexico for the spring and off the coast of Canada for most of the summer.

Lea said...

I saw this coming last year and am capitalizing on my costuming skills and going back to fashion school here in nyc !!!


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