Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes

So, who watched the Golden Globes last night? Anyone? No? Okay, I'm not surprised; I wouldn't have watched it, either, except that my friends had a little shindig at their place, and I can't turn down a good time.


So. Lets' talk about all the ways in which the production could have been waaaay better.

1. Don't do an effing dinner service for the audience! It took eons for each winner to get to the stage, having to navigate through chairs and busboys. In the meantime, terrible music clips were played, which sometimes gave a bumbling-idiot feel to their inability to get through the crowd.

2. If you're going to have a host, let him host. Ricky Gervais was barely onstage at all, and most of the time was the most entertaining thing going on.

3. If you're gonna play someone off, don't pussy out. Do it, loud and clear. None of that slow....slow....fade-up of violins. And do it to EVERYONE, for fairness' sake. Yes, Meryl Streep is amazing, but she should know by now not to ramble at awards shows.

4. Wake up the follow-spot ops. Yeah, it's boring work, but when two hosts come up on stage, and only one has a spot on their way, that's weird.

5. I hate to say it, but would some musical acts have killed you? The format of award-award-award seems less sustainable to me than award - rock band - award. Sort of like a 15-minute union break every two hours. Breaks up the monotony.

6. Don't cut to a foreign dude (Schwarzenegger) for the foreign film category. He wasn't IN any of them!! So many awkward camera moments in this show.

Do YOU have any other gripes? Oh right: you didn't watch it.


Trevy said...

I always have a hard time with award shows because of the speeches. When they give an award out I want people to just come up and grab it and leave...if its for a group of people do rock paper scissors and send one person up to accept it. I hate the thank you's (I mean really, we know your mom, dad, siblings, cast talent manager and God all helped you get there, shut up all ready) and I really hate watching someone walk up to grab the award...reall, 3 minutes as the walk up from the very back of the orchestra level...please. Make it more of party, do more musical acts, show some behind the scenes footage for each catagory, cut the whole thing down to an hour and a half. Finally why don't they have a techie award show...if someone makes a great album, films a great movie, or is the best soap opera actress out there they sure as hell wouldn't be known if they didn't have some great sound engineers, lighting designers, grips, gaffers or script supervisors...give them some credit.

Kevin Daly said...

Gah! Meryl's speech! I started to wonder if she wasn't the reincarnation of Little Edie.


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