Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lady Gaga

I was asked, yesterday, for my thoughts on Lady Gaga, after having called Cirque du Soleil "somewhat cheesy". Don't get me wrong- Cirque does some really amazing things, technically. I just have a hard time getting behind those mass-entertainment corporate types of things.


Now, Gaga is ALSO cheesy (if anyone on Project Runway ever made something approximating one of her costumes, the Klumster would would call it trashy and "just weird", and Michael Kors would come up with some snotty, musical-based critique that said the same). And she's also become a corporate establishment. But, unlike Cirque, the things that she does onstage are somehow unexpected. You KNOW when you go see a Cirque or Gaga show that you are going to be wowed. But when Gaga does it, it has that element of surprise, and it's sometimes darkly comedic. Like when she covered poor Elton John in soot at the Golden Globes. Or when she sings on crutches with a broken neck in her video for "Bad Romance"

She has shot fireworks out of her bra:
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Set her piano aflame while wearing glowing PVC pipes:

And met the Queen of England while dressed in a red vinyl sack:

I guess the thing I like about Lady Gaga the most is that so much of what she does is nonsensical, something my five-year-old self could have come up with, and my 27-year-old self still delights in. She's also giving us a female pop icon who's not about looking skinny and sexual and perfect all the time. All of this, and the woman makes some damn catchy music.

How much would I LOVE to make costumes for this woman...

Anybody out there working on her current tour? Tell us all how fucking amazing it is so we can be jealous...

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